Broken Springs

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Garage Door Broken Springs

Federal Way Garage Door Broken Springs Repair

Springs usually break due to overuse or lack of maintenance, other times they squeal due to lack of lubrication, however, regardless of the problem, you should never attempt to fix them yourself or come up with impractical solutions. You do not want to fight your way out through the carport or pinch your fingers trying to fix the springs. Federal Way Garage Door Repair has you covered. We have a great number of different services at your disposal. We work with home, commercial and industrial sites throughout the Federal Way area. We offer fast and quality work. Federal Way Garage Door Repair is able to repair, service or replace your springs at affordable prices. Garage Door Repair Federal Way means security, service and quality.

Springs may fail because of broken or bowed rollers, rusted tracks or simply because they have not been given proper use. Federal Way Garage Door Repair supplies the finest and fastest spring repair service. We are able to install, fix, service or replace your springs to give you ultimate protection and complete garage door functionality. You do not have to worry about your springs anymore, Federal Way Garage Door Repair will find feasible solutions for you.

Torsion Springs

Federal Way Garage Door Broken Springs Repair

Your family deserves the best you must provide your family with protection and stability and one way is to have the safest garage door system available. Federal Way Garage Door Repair can help you with that. You must install and service the best garage door parts and use the finest materials. You cannot let unprofessional builders use the cheapest devices on your garage doors that will sooner than later break down and force you to replace them. Federal Way Garage Door Repair offers you first-class services and accessories. We have the most excellent torsion springs available on the market. Torsion springs allow users to open your garage door and lift the whole weight for you. However, they have a cycle life, which means they last for a specific period of time and once this time has passed, they break. Their cycle life is generally from two to three years depending on how much used you have given them.

How do you know your springs need changing or fixing? When they look separated from each other, when they start having problem opening your garage door, when the door looks uneven or when you hear they screech really loudly. Under any of these circumstances you should consider calling a professional garage door company. Maybe they only need lubrication or only one is broken, however, only a professional will be able to evaluate the problem and come up with the most practical solution. Federal Way Garage Door Repair is your best shot, we can deliver low cycle springs or high cycle springs. Low cycle springs can last close to three years if given proper use and maintenance. High cycle springs on the other hand will last for long years, which means you will not have to worry about broken springs for a long time. Now that you are an expert about springs, we urge you to not trust a company that wants to sell you springs that last forever, remember they all have a cycle life.

Extension Spring

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Extension springs are a little longer than torsion springs; they are a bit more durable and are normally used for smaller garage doors. Like torsion springs, extension springs can cause serious problems when damaged and you must be really careful around them. It is easy to know when they need fixing or changing; they tend to snap when the door is opened, they break or become elongated over time. Although it is easy to tell when they are damaged, we suggest you do not try to fix or replace them. Call professionals; call Federal Way Garage Door Repair, they will repair, service or replace and calibrate your extension springs in no time.

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