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    We recommend you visit our website and see our online catalogue; you will see
    our varied home, commercial, industrial or agricultural offers and garage door options.
    We have a wide assortment of accessories that you might be interested in.
    You will see all our door patters, windows, materials, styles, colors and models.
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    Choosing a garage door has always been a difficult decision. You want to get something you will always
    be proud of. You must take into consideration important aspects and spend your valuable and hard earned
    money wisely in order to have a beautiful, secure and durable garage door. Federal Way Garage Doors
    offers you their services. You can choose from a wide variety of garage door options; however, if you are
    unable to find a door that matches your needs and requirements, we will help you design your own door.
    Our DIY program enables you to make all the important decisions on doors, materials, pieces of hardware, etc.
  • Federal Way Garage Door Service
    We Service Garage Doors
    Call our experts in Federal Way, they will show up shortly and fix your garage door.
    It does not matter what is wrong with your door, they will deal with it and find a practical solution.
    They are able to fix doors off track, jammed or broken openers, broken rollers or broken springs.
    We offer timely and effective service. Call us and let us know what you need.
Garage Door Service in Federal Way: (253) 204-2034

Garage Door Service Federal Way

New Door Installation

You can have the garage door of your dreams. If you come to our store or contact us via internet or through our contact number, we will give you all the information you require. We will offer you all our materials and services.

Garage Door Federal Way

New Opener Installation

At Federal Way Garage Doors, our specialists can install all sorts of garage doors and accessories. We deal with all sorts of garage door openers; shaft driven, chain driven, belt driven, etc. besides, we offer remotes and the most up-to-date wireless access control systems.

Garage Door Service Federal Way

Garage Door Repair Federal Way

At Federal Way Garage Doors our technicians care so much about you. They provide around the clock garage door repair service every day of the week in the entire Federal Way area.

Federal Way Garage Doors

If you ever need expert, timely and economical solutions to your garage door problems, Federal Way Garage Doors is your best option. They offer repair, installation and maintenance services in the entire are. Our repairmen are certified and capacitated to deal with any problem. Besides, they are able to install complete new garage door systems. If you cannot visit our store, you can visit our website and see all our products and services. We offer different garage door models made of different materials, colors, patterns and styles. Besides, we offer different pieces of hardware and electronic parts. All our services are meant to satisfying all residential, industrial, agricultural or commercial needs. We assist anyone in the Federal Way area. Like you, Federal Way Garage Doors values security, privacy and comfort; we will do anything in order to provide you with what you need. We have cutting-edge automated garage door systems available for you and the best security solutions.

Should you need to replace your door, garage door opener, rail system or the style, we can assist you. We are able to repair, replace or install springs, rollers, pulleys, cables, entire doors, openers, remotes, etc. We really think about everything in order to provide you with the best service.

We offer a fine assistant program which provides you with consultation and evaluation. This program goes from manufacturing to regular servicing. As we want to satisfy all your needs, we do all we can. We are happy to assist you.

Federal Way Garage Doors has great number of different materials. They are very durable and come at very affordable prices.

All our work comes with 100% warranty on labor and equipment; you will have full and free repair should you experience any inconvenience.

Federal Way Garage Doors works with well-known garage door makers in the country, which enables us to have the best doors on the market. Besides, we have at our disposal the best materials, so you must not worry about quality or style because we offer only the best. Our doors are made of wood, steel, aluminum and fiber glass. You can choose from any of these depending on the kind of door you would like to get.

Federal Way Garage Doors also provides thermal resistance and insulated garage doors. We always consider insulation standards recommended for the majority of homes. Visit us and get in contact with our specialists, they have so much to say and you have so much to hear. You can have them go to your location and inspect your garage door; they will give you a complete evaluation and let you know what you need, providing you with detailed information.

Garage Door repair in Federal Way

Who we are

Our specialists are capacitated and have lots of expertise, they are acquainted with garage door technologies and procedures. Our experience lets us do our job promptly and effectively.


We have different materials for you. We can install trendy and beautiful garage doors for you in different materials; wood, aluminum, steel, fiber glass and more.


Federal Way Garage Doors understands how important it is to assure thermal control, which is why we have dedicated part of our lives to improve our knowledge on this field. Our doors can be fitted with our best insulation materials.


We offer all kinds of openers, opener sensors and power supplies. We can fix, install, service and replace your garage door opener in no time.

Affordable Service

Federal Way Garage Doors has the most reasonable prices in the region; you will not find better fees.

Reliable Services

We are a reliable company, you may rest assured that we will find the best solutions for you.

Professional Services

Our experts are trained and certified and they have long years of practice.

Clients Testimonials

  • Katherine Pierce

    Best garage door service! They really know what they are doing. I was a little apprehensive at the beginning but now that I see my brand new garage door, I am really happy.

  • Mary Mason

    I had heard so much about them that I had to contact them, now I know why people talk so much about Federal Way Garage Doors. They really do wonders.

  • Richard Dickinson

    I saw what my neighbor had got and I just couldn’t believe it, they told me about Federal Way Garage Doors and I contacted them immediately. Now I have a great garage door system. No regrets.

Our Basic Services

Federal Way Garage Doors offers all kinds of garage door services. We aim our service to residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural venues. Our technicians ensure you do not experience the same or similar issues twice. We are specialized in three main domains:

Garage Door Repair Federal Way

Federal Way Garage Door Installation

Federal Way Garage Doors will stall any garage door you require. We do not care about the model or the size, or how ambitious your project is. We take into consideration all your needs and requirements. We have at our disposal a wide assortment of materials, security systems and styles. We provide garage door openers, remotes, access control systems, etc.

Federal Way Garage Door Repair

Garage Door Repair Service

It does not matter if your garage door was recently installed, if you do not provide it with proper and regular service, it will soon break down. We offer the best preventive maintenance program in the area.

Federal Way Garage Door

Garage Door Repair Federal Way

One of the best things about Federal Way Garage Doors is that we have the best repair service in the area. We provide all our customers same day repair at all hours of the day. We will repair your access control system, your rollers, springs, opener, remotes, etc. we will fix all you need.

Garage Door Service Federal Way

Federal Way Garage Doors is here to help you. Do not worry about your garage door, there is a solution and we will find it. Please, download and fill in the form by clicking the link below or call us at any of the contact numbers on the right hand side. Tell our specialists your problem or doubts, they will provide you with all the information you need. We will give you a free quote and set an appointment.

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